If People Treated Vision Loss Like They Do Hearing Loss

“You need to be able to see in order to succeed.”

“Stare harder at this page. Stare harder.”

“Well, what if we just turned up the light a bit? Would that help? Yes, I know you said you can’t see at all, but what if…”

“Here!” *grabs arm* “Let me do everything for you. Just sit down over there. No, no, it’s fine. Obviously your eyesight is inextricably linked to the function of your arms and legs.”

*waves* “Can you see this?” *waves even more furiously* “What about THIS?” *transforms into human windmill* “How about THIIIS?!”


“Have you thought about getting [insert expensive medical option that inevitably requires surgery and upkeep]?”

“I know Braille!” *punches random holes in piece of paper*

“But how could you possibly live without seeing the works of Michelangelo or Picasso?”

“It’s not our fault you crashed into that table even though we switched everything around the other day without telling you. You need to pay more attention.”

And now I’m going to bet within the week (nay, the day), someone’s going to leave a comment telling me that blind people do get these comments.

6 thoughts on “If People Treated Vision Loss Like They Do Hearing Loss

  1. I’m an interpreter….and this totally cracked me up. I’ve seen some well-meaning people say some pretty crazy things. I’m curious to see if, like you said, blind people do get these kinds of comments!

    • Eight hours after publishing, I’ve had three people confirm that yes, blind/visually-impaired people DO get this kinda stuff. 🙂

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blogs/column. It has been intriguing to gain insight on what life must be like living a life without hearing. I myself have always been awquard to say the least being empathic. People just used to plain “freak me out” until I finally hit the sweet spot of adjusting and understanding Myself to be perfect as I am. Thank you so much for enlightening me on this particular subject! I am excited to see what the next article holds in store. I find you Very fascinating and super Empowering for young women and am Very glad you are using your voice!

  3. Guys! Everything in this world is a gift. Literally everything. You are really strong and let me keep it short and say that I was going in my life wondering what I shall do in my life until I met this young deaf kid who gave me the best advice ever that changed all my life to the better, and made a meaning for it. I didn’t see him again since then but I am going everywhere to say thanks to him maybe one day he will get my message.

    • Aw! That’s really inspirational– thanks for sharing! Who knows, maybe he’ll stumble across this post. 🙂

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